Self-locking feed front trough on wheels 5 x 1.30 m

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    €4,800.00 Excl. Tax

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    The self-locking feed front is a special model with an anti-choking device and adjustable collar width and can be replaced by a selfservice system with oblique bars or tombstones, depending on the size of the livestock.


    • Very versatile, the self-locking feed front trough allows you to treat, administer drugs to, feed, provide water for or draw livestock
    • In winter, this product will be perfectly at home if placed between 2 farm posts
    • Protective roof in galvanised ribbed sheeting to keep the feed dry
    • Opens on both sides to facilitate filling of the trough

    Technical characteristics :

    • Clearance: 2.35 m
    • Made of materials 5 mm thick
    • Wheels 10/75x15.3 in 6 holes
    • Total capacity/ 3300 litres
    • Front telescopic boom
    • Dimensions (L x W) : 5 x 1.30m
    • Number of places : 14