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    HDPE 15 000L HOME pack

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    €7,340.00 Excl. Tax
    €7,340.00 Excl. Tax

    Free of charge shipping In France for purchasing 800 € excluding VAT (960 € including VAT).

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    Complete pack which could be used to water your garden, wash the car, supply WCs or washing machines... Rainwater is free, and contains no scale or chlorine. Equipped with a self-cleaning filter, your water is clean.


    • For information on tax credits, contact us.
    • Free collection of gutter water.
    • Stand-alone system: when the tank is empty, the pump switches to the main network.
    • Substantial saving on your water bills (-50%).

    Technical characteristics: 

    • 15 000L HDPE tank.
    • CS1 E150 filter.
    • Unit with ‘‘Super Rain Basic‘‘ pump.
    • Float + strainer.
    • Suction hose, 15 m.
    • Level detector + riser.