Mattress kit 50 mm and rubber mat 8 mm for cubicle divider (10 places)

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    The welfare of animals directly affects their performance. Bet on this kit 10 mattresses 50mm thick with rubber mat hammered 8mm thick: a must to increase the comfort of livestock in the box! Unique on the market, the adhesion offered by this mattress allows the animal to lie down and get up without hurting himself.

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    Cows need to lie down 10 to 12 hours a day. To do so, they need soft, comfortable bedding.Otherwise yields may fall. By opting for the Beiser mattress, you provide the best bedding surface and drastically reduce the need for straw bedding and the tiresome putting down of straw.


    • Excellent insulation
    • Hock protection guaranteed
    • Soft and non-abrasive
    • Prevents injuries
    • Lying down for a long time enables the cow to rest more completely and therefore improves productivity
    • Mattress protected by plastic film to guard against dampness and to be more hardwearing in the longer term
    • Hammered rubber mat (non-slip) + filament reinforcement (prevents tearing)


    • Mattress thickness: 50 mm
    • Number of places: 10