Probe with connected longue-range sensor (SIGFOX)

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    Presentation of the Sigfox technology

    Sigfox is a true revolution for having established, in the deployment dedicated to the Internet of Things, a real competition with the LoRa technology. The Sigfox network was launched in France but it also developed in 11 other European countries and is present overseas. Sigfox established partnerships with companies in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and Denmark, even further. In Moscow for example, the car traffic and the parking spaces are now controlled by this technology.

    More information:

    The probe requires a SIGFOX network subscription to be functional

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    To know the quantity of liquid in the tank in order to anticipate the needs or alert in case of leak, theft, etc.

    Advantages :

    • Easy installation on all the tanks
    • System of ultrasonic sensors
    • Touch sensitive, equipped with an accelerometer (unscrewing)
    • The software interface allows :
      • The mapping of the tank
      • The data management
      • The alerts management

    Technical Caracteristics :

    • Dimensions (height and diameter in mm) : 135 x Ø 59
    • Maximal height in meters : 1,25
    • Weight : 97 g