Odourless HDPE double wall fuel station, 1500 L "Confort+" with winding reel

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    According to one of the world's largest manufacturers, it seems established that the NRD assaults the tanks and disintegrates the hdpe in a relatively short period of time.

    On the other hand, thanks to his treatment S.M.P. patented odor control, our Schütz brand integral gray tanks are protected against the effects of NRD

    As a result, Beiser Environnement is pleased to confirm its 15-year warranty on these products.

    Unique in the market

    You can consult our data sheet on the HDPE 1500 liter double wall fuel tank for more information.

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    Beiser, number 1 of the tanker sale in Europe informs you :

    Ideal for storage of fuel oil in places where space is limited because the tank is compact

    Advantages :

    • Double-walled, does not require a retention tank
    • Odorless: Anti-odor SMP treatment of the internal and external walls of the tank
    • Tank protected against the effects of non-road diesel
    • Proven fire resistance
    • Made seamless
    • Cistern compact and standards, easily placed inside buildings
    • Reduced weight Galvanized steel vertical tires for strength and stability
    • 4 holes on the top
    • UV treated