The main phases


    Creation of Beiser SARL (PLC) with a capital of 25 000 FF (recovery of iron and metals).

    1985 - 1987

    • Initial penetration into the agricultural machinery sector with the construction of ''new generation'' troughs, an immediate success story.
    • Startup of the tank trade for the storage of liquid fertiliser, fuel and water.

    1990 - 1997

    • The Beiser team launches telephone sales with direct delivery free of charge to the premises of the customer.
    • Telephone sales extend their scope, from regional to national. Substantial investment is organised, particularly with the reinforcement of the vehicle fleet (10 trucks). The sales team is extended. Beiser communication in the specialist media covers the entire country (France).
    • Beiser extends its product range. Several hundreds of products are launched alongside of the existing best-selling products, i.e. sheetwork and tanks, particularly focusing on transport and breeding equipment and tools...
    • The Beiser catalogue contains more than 1500 product references. The company developed its business in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

    1998 - 2000

    As the tank specialist, many local authorities take a closer look at Beiser, seeking out a suitable solution for water storage for use in case of fire.

    2001 - 2002

    • 2001 was a tough, but highly promising year. Turnover dropped. Beiser invested in an engineering office in view of ensuring compliance with standards for farming operations. The "phytosanitary product storage" range was launched.
    • The sales team (10 members of personnel) was able to handle customers by telephone, reaching unprecedented levels of professionalism in the agricultural sector.

    2004 - 2005

    • Beiser SARL becomes Beiser Environnement S.A., proving the company's clear determination to move towards environmentally-friendly agriculture.
    • New studies focusing on compliance with standards for fuel storage led to the launch of the "fuel stations" range.
    • The equity of Beiser Environnement S.A. represented 980 000 euros.
    • The growth of the company continued. Turnover reached 17.6 million euros in 2005.
    • In terms of supply, Beiser Environnement created partnerships with suppliers in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and started considering China.


    • In January 2006, Beiser Environnement set up shop in Poland with the creation of a company (PLC) with a capital of 50 000 zlotys (13015.5 euros).
    • Beiser Environnement celebrates its 30th anniversary! The company launched a new logistics structure, unique in France, with substantial investment in transport equipment, aiming to optimise the overall Beiser infrastructure.
    • The company continued its development at a sustained rate and Beiser Environnement boasted 2-figure growth: +10% in turnover vs. 2005.


    • March 2007: Beiser claimed over 2000 m2 at the SIMA fair and displayed all of its products.
    • September 2007: Beiser is the largest stand at the SPACE in Rennes with more than 800 m².
    • November 2007: Batimat 2007 was a must-do date.
    • Growth in turnover was even higher than in previous years, beating 13% with total turnover of more than 22 million euros.


    • SIMA 2009: Beiser beat all previous records by displaying its equipment over more than 2300 m2 including one stand entirely dedicated to renewable energies: solar water heaters, wind turbines, etc.
    • Internet: creation of a new site and possibility to purchase directly on-line.


    • Beiser launched a partnership with a rotomoulding specialist and started manufacturing products in High Density Polyethylene, e.g.: HDPE tank, HDPE fuel station, HDPE fuel transport pack, etc.
    • Parallel launch of the manufacture of: foot baths, etc.