HDPE reinforced white fuel tank, 700L

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    €325.00 Excl. Tax

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    Technical characteristics:

    • 700L HDPE white fuel tank
    • Single wall model with metal reinforcement
    • Tank meeting NF standards
    • Modular system: several tanks can be installed in a set to meet your requirements
    • Compact dimensions and forms
    • 4 top inlets with plug


    • Compact, easy to fit
    • Seamless
    • Metal reinforcement to avoid long-term deformation

    Modular system: you can define the number of components you need. You can increase the number of tanks if you need to extend your storage options.

    • Simple racking kit (option): raking kit for use from one single tank, without twin fitting, including racking with stop valve and dip tube.
    • Connector Kit A (option): For one tank or the first tank of a set. 700-2500L tanks.
    • Connector Kit B (option): To assemble additional tanks in a set (including the filling, vent and racking system with a stop valve and dip tube for each additional tank). 700-2500L tanks.