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    Green HDPE tank, 500 L, density 1300 kg/m3 (EP)

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    €670.00 Excl. Tax
    €670.00 Excl. Tax

    Free of charge shipping In France for purchasing 800 € excluding VAT (960 € including VAT).

    Other versions (Capacity)

    Unique on the maket !

    Ideal to store water, liquid fertiliser, foods, etc.


    • Anti-UV treatment.
    • In high density polyethylene.
    • Seamless single block.
    • Resistant to products with a density up to 1300kg/m³.
    • Can be burled.
    • Can be fitted in a skip or on a frame.
    • 2" front outlet and rear outlet.

    Technical characteristics: 

    • Single-block high density polyethylene tank
    • Density: 1300 kg/m3
    • Capacity: 500L
    • Manhole Ø 450 mm
    • Thickness: 8 - 10 mm
    • Vent in the cover
    • Plastic valve 1" 1/4


    Units must be necessarily put on straight and stable, as a paving stone concrete. The installation on beams, palettes or unstable ground is FORBIDDEN. As well, an exaggerated strapping can damage tanks.

    Check before unit using:

    Check the presence and the correct location of the tube (s) of reinforcement in the unit. If the tube fell during the manipulation, put it back in place before using the unit. Operating mode : lift up from one side and replace tube(s) with strength, by the inside, in defined area for that purpose.

    Unit installation underground: 

    DO NOT completely fill the unit with water before sand is backfilled. Backfill the hole with suitable sand or concrete whilst filling the units with water at the same level. Do not exceed 200mm per filling and compaction cycle.