Buried HDPE tank, 44000L

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    Avantages :

    • Cuve de stockage en polyéthylène haute densité, de qualité alimentaire
    • Matériaux imputrescibles, résistance dans le temps aux agressions chimiques
    • Nettoyage facile grâce à des parois lisses avec un faible accrochage
    • Manipulations et mise en place aisées grâce à la légèreté des cuves

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    Technical characteristics:

    • High density polyethylene storage tank
    • 44 000L
    • Extruded polyethylene weld
    • Rotproof materials
    • Easy cleaning thanks to the smooth walls with little roughness and few protrusions
    • Clip-on polyethylene covers
    • Solid moulded cradles
    • Corrugated wall: increases the resistance of the tank


    • Polyethylene is compatible with most food products and chemicals.
    • The buried HDPE tank cannot be used to store a product with a temparute in excess of 40°C.
    • Never pressurize the tank.
    • Miscellaneous connections possible.


    Buried installation: on a bed of well compacted sand with stabilised sand backfil: 100kg of cement per m³ of sand. Always fill the tank with clean water ahead of the backfill (empty after 48 hours if necessary). Ensure a depth in excess of 50cm if buried under a road or track.

    Above ground installation: install the tank on a completely smooth flat slab, with a support wall and sand backfill up to at least 1,50m (or equivalent banking).