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    SECURIT basic fuel station, 5000L

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    €4,229.80 Excl. Tax
    €4,229.80 Excl. Tax

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    The small retention tray with its thickness of 3mm protects the tank against any impact. It can also be used to ensure compliance with standards on pollutant products.

    Technical characteristics:

    • 5000L tank.
    • PVC fuel station with metal reinforcements meeting NF standards.
    • Metal retention tray with 2 securing points (inner and outer rust-proof coating, RAL 6000).
    • Compact fuel pump, 220V, 50 L/min with suction and discharge hoses.
    • Flowmeter for fuel pump with summer.
    • Automatic gun with 8m hose.
    • Mechanical tank gauge (Ø 1,90m).
    • Filling plug.
    • Steel base with fork slots.